Ad-din Eye Hospital(AEYEH), Jashore began its journey in 2003. Over time, this pioneering facility has matured and is now a recognized name in the field of quality eye care in Bangladesh. This non-profit hospital and its campaign are dedicated to providing quality eye care services to all sections of society, with a special focus on the disadvantaged population. According to researchers, about 80% of the information reaching our brain comes through the eyes. Sight is the most important human sense which has profound and far-reaching effects on health and life. More than 250 million people worldwide are visually impaired; 36 million of them are totally blind. In Bangladesh, 1.5% of adults are blind and 21.6% are visually impaired. AEYEH Jashore treats 130 outdoor eye patients each day. Several types of successful eye surgeries (PHECO, Free SICS, Excision, etc.) and treatments are offered in this facility. Doctors say Vitamins A, C, and E and other nutrients like beta carotene, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids are linked to a lower risk of developing severe eye disease.

Challenges: On November 24, 2022, Hamida Begum (67 yrs) from Navaron, Jashore, attended to AEYEH, Jashore for “Excision Surgery” along with her daughter Mukta Khatun. One month before her surgery, she suddenly started having blurred vision. No one in her family paid much attention to the issue at first, thinking it was because of her age. When her condition got worse, her family encouraged her to visit hospital. The eye specialist in AEYEH examined her and diagnosed Pterygium means fleshy growth on her eye`s conjunctiva.
Solution-Hamida was advised for excision surgery. This is a process of using laser or other cutting tool to remove specific tissue from eyes. On 24 November 2022, she underwent that surgery and went home after three hours of her operation.
Impact-When the patient’s family heard about the surgery first, they thought it would take a long time and would be expensive. However, they are grateful to Ad-Din Eye Hospital, Jashore for making the process easy, convenient, and budget-friendly. After the surgery Hamida Begum is now fully recovered. She has expressed her desire to have cataract surgery soon from AEYEH.