Ad-din Eye Care Campaign is successfully operating in a number of areas, including Jashore, Khulna, Kushtia, and Narail. The program aims to provide quality eye care through mobile operation theaters and one permanent hospital. Our team members identify relevant patients in different locations in targeted area before operation day. Then specialized doctor perform operations in the mobile operating room. In these 15 years (2003 to 2021) of service, 471,969 patients regained their eyesight through our free eye treatment (387,720) and cataract operation (84,249). Among the patients 143,134 are male, 178,616 are female patients and 74,354 are children.

Ramzan Ali, from Sarsha, Jashore was an automobile driver and could support his family from the earning. Three years ago, he suddenly experienced blurred vision. During late-night driving, he had been facing vision problem frequently. His condition became worse day by day and he had to give up driving at the end. Although he was elderly (60 years) Ramzan spent his days sitting and lying down in his residence with a frustrated mind. He visited a few eye specialist several times but the cost they had offered for the treatment was not in his capacity to bear.
Ramzan got to know that in his area a free eye campaign was organized by the Ad-din foundation. There he bought a ticket with 10 tk and visited the medical officer. The eye physician gave him necessary eye treatment and performed cataract surgery on him in mobile operation theatre. He recovered fully from the surgery and got his eyesight back.
He emotionally said,” Eyes are the greatest gift from the Almighty Creator. I lost all my hope and expectation in life. I never expect such good treatment with only 10 tk. I will be always thankful to Ad-din Foundation.”