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Despite her financial constraints, Sharmin Akhter, the daughter of a rickshaw-puller, is now one step closer to become a doctor thanks to AD-din Akij Medical College.

The medical institution in Khulna has come forwards to help realise her long-nurtured dream of becoming a physician by shouldering the burden of all the expenditures of her study.

Sharmin has recently been admitted to the MBBS course of the college under its meritorious insolvent quota and all the expenditures of her study will be provided from the college fund.

Getting admitted to the college, Sharmin and her family’s joy and gratefulness to the college authorities knows no bound.

Talking to media, her ecstatic father, Harun-ur-Rashid, a rickshaw puller by profession, has heaped praises on the college authorities for their philanthropy they have shown to her daughter.

Harun said: “I have no property and live in a shanty on other’s land at Baira Masjid Bari Road in Khulna City Corporation.”

He continued saying that he runs his family by pulling a broken rickshaw and could not pull it for long time at a stretch due to his failing health.

Harun said: “During the time of pulling rickshaw around the college, I got acquainted with many students and doctors of the college.

“As they sometimes enquired about study of my daughter, I informed them that my daughter would like to be a doctor. But due to financial constraints, it is not possible.”

A number of students and doctors informed Harun of the meritorious insolvent quota of the college and he communicated with the college authorities that asked him to submit papers.

Later on, the authorities called his daughter for a viva voce exam and enquired about his income and expenditure and they finally enrolled Sharmin into the college.

Sharmin said: “I got frustrated after failing to get chance in the public medical colleges even after trying two times, but Ad-din Akij Medical College has made my dream come true.”

“I am very glad to be admitted to the college and indebted to its authorities for their generosity they have shown to me,” she added.

She went on saying that despite financial constraints of her family, she has witnessed a few successes in her life, but admission to the college is the best.

Sharmin did her SSC with Golden GPA-5 from Biara Dak Bibhagio High School and HSC with GPA-5 from Khulna Govt Women’s College.

Prof Dr Paritosh Kumar Roy, Principal of Ad-din Akij Medical College, said the goal of his college is to serve distressed and underprivileged people besides offering help to poor and meritorious students to continue their studies.

“This year we’ve called 15 poor students for viva voce exam but admitted three of them in poor quota of the college that is five per cent of total seats,” he added.

Deputy Director of the medical college hospital, Md Hossain Ali, said the college offers education to poor and meritorious students at no cost.

As there is no politics on the campus, students of the college have constantly been cutting good figures in their exams, he noted.

The Ad-din Akij Medical College started its journey from the academic year 2015-16.

It is situated within the premises of Ad-din Akij Medical College Hospital at Baira in Khulna city.

The college came in the limelight by occupying the first position in the first professional MBBS examination it took part under the Rajshahi University.

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