Admission Process

For National Student
Candidates who fulfill the entry requirements, as per the results announced by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), should submit the completed Application Form during office hours from 8am to 5pm during 6 working days except Friday.

List of the selected candidates along with a waiting list will be displayed on the College Notice Board. Selected candidates are required to report to the College administration desk for admission at the specified date and time. In case of failure in admission by the selected candidates within the stipulated date and time, the vacant seat(s) will be filled up by the candidate(s) from the waiting list.

Applications with incomplete and incorrect information will not be accepted. Any willful inclusion of incorrect information will automatically disqualify the candidate.

Any decision made for admission related matters by the admission committee will be considered as final.

Financial involvement :
The selected students will pay admission fees and other charges at the time of admission through account payee Pay Order or Bank Drafft in favour of “Ad-din Women’s Medical College”.

The amount to be paid at the time of admission, monthly tuition fee, and other fees will be decided by the Governing Body of the Medical College based on the decision of the Government of Bangladesh. In addition, VAT and other charges payable to Govt. are applicable. The selected students shall pay additional amount for accommodation and food charges who will be provided seats at the hostel.