Bashundhara Ad-din Medical College, Keranigonj

Special Quota, Bond, Student’s Advisor, College Hours

Direct Descendant of Freedom Fighter 

Two percent seats are reserved for the direct descendants of Freedom Fighter as per Government criteria. For this seat(s) attested photocopy of certificate of father/mother/ grand father/grand mother in favour of her/his participation in the Liberation War signed by the Secretary and the honorable Minister/State Minister of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs or the certificate countersigned by the then honorable Prime Minister during 1997 to 2001.

Students from underprivileged background

Five percent of seats are reserved under poor and merit quota. Candidates in this quota are being selected following the criteria set by the DGHS. They are placed under a separate merit list and can not be transferred to the general list or vice versa. A selection Committee formed by the Governing Body of the College will finalize the selection of these candidates. The selected candidates will pay fees following the guidelines of the DGHS. Students under this quota are required to serve the Hospitals of Ad-din for 2 years as paid Medical Officer after their graduation and internship.


The candidates and their parents or legal guardians are required to sign bonds on non-judicial stamps accepting the terms and conditions of the course, conduct and discipline before admission to the college.

Student Advisor

Each student is assigned with an advisor from among their teachers. The advisor is responsible for providing general guidance and support to the student throughout the course.

College Hours

From 7:45 AM to 4:00 PM;  Saturday to Thursday.