Bashundhara Ad-din Medical College, Keranigonj

In the name of Almighty I would like to pray so that

  1.  I shall lead pure, modest and transparent life with moral behavior and shall inspire others to do the same.
  2.  I shall try to keep myself away from all sorts of sin and guilt to become pure in body, mind and soul.
  3.  I shall respect my teachers as my father and mother.
  4.  I shall ensure gender friendly environment to our peers and others out of own faith, culture and religion.
  5.  I shall never blame or condemn my friends behind or in front of them.
  6.  I shall never speak or write any slang words which might hurt others.
  7.  I shall never take any harmful drug or provoke others to take.
  8.  I shall never hurt any patient or attendant with my behavior.
  9.  I shall always respect and maintain privacy of all my patients and deal with it professionally
  10.  l shall keep my professional knowledge updated and try to improve my professional skill all the time.
  11. I shall be always positive in manner, attitude and respect to my religion and cultural values of my nation.

O my Almighty! Please accept my prayer and guide me to Seek help only from you and keep these obligations and open all the doors of my mind to enter into the knowledge of ocean to serve the sick with an intention to satisfy you only.