College Campus:

The Ad-din Sakina Women’s Medical College (ASMC) campus is situated at Pularhat, Jessore. The academic building has been adequately equipped to accommodate lecture theatres, dissection halls, laboratories and museums. Each department has been provided with computers and internet facilities including access to scanners, multimedia and other audio-visual aids.



The college obtained-

  • Permission by the MOHFW, Government of Bangladesh (Ref.: Sharok No. ShaPoKoMo/ ChiShi-2/ BeSoMeKo O DeKoHa-1/2008(Part-2)/50, Dated: 12.02.2012),
  • Affiliation by the University of Rajshahi (Ref.: No. 221/51/Ko: Po:, Dated: 13.10.2012)
  • Affiliation by the University of Rajshahi (Ref.: No. Sharok No. Ramebi/Odhivukti/2018/182:, Dated: 29.03.2018)
  • Recognition by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council – BMDC (Ref: Sharok no. BM&DC/13-D-2015/791, Dated: 30.11.2015)