Ad-din Foundation is dedicated to serving the underprivileged people of Bangladesh, particularly women and children. While Ad-din has expanded its activities both geographically and programmatically, it has remained committed to its original vision. Ad-din has four Medical Colleges, a nursing college, three Nursing Institutes, a Medical Technology Institute, six hospitals and many other projects and activities.

The Medical Colleges of Ad-din are based on new purpose built buildings which offer state of the art learning facilities. These include libraries, study rooms, lecture theatres and auditoriums. A number of distinguished teaching staff have joined as faculty to meet the demand of increasing number of students.
Ad-din’s Medical Colleges are dedicated to providing quality medical education. To this end the Medical Colleges have adopted a unique educational philosophy. Its academic programs are based on a multidisciplinary approach, which unifies the fundamentals of medical science, clinical practices and today’s information technology tools.
I am confident and hopeful that Ad-din will remain focused on its vision in operating the Medical Colleges and hospitals at an excellent standard, and providing opportunities to develop future physicians who will serve especially the disadvantaged and deprived people of the country.


Barrister Rafique-ul-Huq
Ad-din Foundation