Teachers’ Responsibility

Teachers are responsible for

  • followed the principles of good professional practice and ethics and be a role model for the students.
  • developed the skills to be a competent teacher and guide to the students whom they are teaching.
  • supervised the progress of students’ learning and taking active part in mentorship program to help the students learn the skills and achieve competence while ensuring the safety of the patient.
  • assessed the students’ performance objectively and constructively so as to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • pursued matters related to teaching which are of paramount importance for the clinical teachers and carrying out practices which are learner-friendly and non-compromising to patient’s safety.


Students’ Responsibility

Students are responsible for

  1. attend all teaching sessions, completing all assignments given by the faculty and maintaining academic discipline and being punctual.
  2. execut their own learning and achieving the objectives set by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).
  3. ensur the patients’ safety by working within the limits of their respective competencies.
  4. maintain a cordial relationship with peers, hospital employees engaged in patient service and the community at large.
  5. engag in continuous self-improvement based on the systematic evaluation of their learning by the teachers, accepting positive criticism and mitigating self-deficiencies with the assistance of their teachers/mentors